Shogatsu in Tokyo | A Japanese New Year

Shogatsu - a 3 day New Years Celebration by the Japanese from the 1st-3rd of January.

Hundreds of thousands gather to see the Imperial Family in the New Years In Tokyo where the Imperial Palace is open to the public on 2nd of January.

Japan's Emperor Akihito appeared before tens of thousands of people at the Imperial Palace on Sunday, calling for world peace and wishing them a happy new year. "I wish that this year will be a good year, even slightly, for each of you," he said in a televised address from a glass-covered balcony, joined by other members of the Royal Family. "At the start of this year, I wish for peace and tranquillity of the world and happiness of the people."

On New Year's day most visit Shrines to give their annual prayers and donate for good luck.

Its a ritual to burn Bows and arrows from the previous years and replace them with new ones. White 2010 Bows are burned by common Shrines.

Other festivities include special Pasteries and shows.

Free Saki served to the public.

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