Beaudin Lovinsky – Children Foundation of Haiti

Our mission to help Beaudin Lovinsky and the Children’s Foundation of Haiti was a success! We will continue to support the foundation on a monthly basis with funds raised by the continuous support from donors. Below you can see pictures from our trip to the Children’s Foundation of Haiti in February, 2011.

Beaudin Lovinsky

Beaudin Lovinsky with volunteer Lee Ally from Miami, Florida who helped us on our mission.

Volunteers and the kids

Farid with Beaudin Lovinsky nicknamed “Kiki” & the other kids.

Orphans at the childrens foundation of Haiti

The children greet with a warm welcoming, they were pleased to see us arrive.

3 Year old at Childrens foundation of Haiti.

A 3 year old at the Children’s Foundation of Haiti.

Water and food drop off

Water, rice, beans, fruits, meat and medicine we purchased for the orphanage on the first round of funding. This will last for 15-30 days.

water drop off

Jeff from Ottawa, Canada unloading food & water and helping us accomplish our goal at the orphanage.

Food drop of at Childrens foundation of Haiti

Travis from Miami, Florida helps unload a sack of rice.

Kiki enjoys his choclate Snickers treat.

Beaudin Lovinsky aka Kiki enjoying his Snickers chocolate bar.

UN soldiers from Brazil in Haiti

UN soldiers from Brazil in Haiti provide security at one of the tent cities in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Beaudin and the kids in the make shift tents in Port Au Prince

Beaudin Lovinsky & the other children sing a welcome song.

Childrens Foundation of Haiti Compound

The Children’s Foundation of Haiti compound. The kids will be moving back into this compound shortly once it’s verified safe.


Mateeld was dropped off by her mother at the Orphanage while she went to buy water. She never returned.

Beaudin Lovinsky having Snickers

Beaudin Lovinsky continues to enjoy his Snickers chocolate.

Childrens foundation of Haiti

The Children’s Foundation of Haiti’s main compound. This house was damaged and ransacked after the earthquake in January of 2010. The kids are eager to move back once it’s safe.

Beautiful view of Port au Prince from Childrens foundation of Haiti

Beautiful view of Port Au Prince from the Children’s Foundation of Haiti

Haiti on the map

100% of donations made go towards the Children’s Foundation of Haiti, unlike many other charitable organizations a large portion goes towards administration & fundraising costs.

We would like to thank everyone who has made a donation that has helped to support our fundraiser, we raised $4080.38 for the Children’s Foundation of Haiti. After seeing this picture posted on the internet for the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake it has inspired us to help the children in this orphanage. Our goal is to continue to support the Children’s Foundation of Haiti on a monthly basis. If you wish to help us support this cause please don’t hesitate to make a donation, anything contributed is greatly appreciated.

Photo by: Mario Tama / Source Beaudin Lovinsky, a 4-year-old orphan, is dropped off with his belongings in a suitcase by his uncle (left) to be placed in the Children’s Foundation of Haiti orphanage, which is currently housed in makeshift tents in a tent city near the airport on January 10, 2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Lovinsky’s mother perished in the earthquake and his uncle said he could no longer afford to take care of him. It is common for Haitian families to place children they cannot afford to care for in orphanages. The orphanage’s building was damaged by the earthquake, forcing many of the orphans into tents. The orphanage has received no governmental assistance and little help from aid groups. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Haiti was home to more than 350,000 orphans before the earthquake, with many more orphaned following the quake. UNICEF recently announced that around 380,000 Haitian children are still living in camps one year after the earthquake.

Who we are?
We are Just a group of friends based out of Vancouver, B.C who want to make a difference in Haiti. Some of us visited Haiti last year and volunteered after the earthquake. This year our personal lives only restrict us to doing a fundraiser for an orphanage. You can also Join our group on facebook.

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